Roadworthy Certificate Prahran

We at Valiance understand that a certificate of roadworthiness is very important when a vehicle has to be given for sale, hence we provide efficient and accurate roadworthy certificate services.

We are licensed vehicle testers and our technicians are highly skilled individuals who test your vehicle appropriately and provide it with an accurate roadworthy certificate. Our roadworthy test of a vehicle includes inspection of wheels and tyres, steering suspensions and braking systems, seats and seatbelts, lights and reflectors, windscreen and windows including front wipers and washers, vehicle structure, other safety related items on the body, chassis or engine. Thus we inspect all the safety related aspects of the vehicle and only then provide it with a roadworthy certificate. Thus you can be assured that our roadworthy inspection will check and assure that the key components of the car are not worn or deteriorated and that it is safe for use.

So the next time you find yourself in Prahran and need any kind of automotive assistance remember we are just a call away.