Battery Replacement

Battery Replacement Melbourne

Is it difficult to start your vehicle on cold mornings? Can’t turn on your vehicle without a jumpstart? If you have these problems with your vehicle, it may be the time to get your battery replaced. For battery replacement in Melbourne, you can trust the experts at Valiance! When you bring in your vehicle to our auto repair centre, our trained and experienced mechanics check for all potential faults with your battery and repair or replace the battery if required.

Car Battery Replacement Warning Signs:Battery Replacement

  • Check-engine warning light is on
  • Dimmer headlights
  • Car not starting
  • Engine cranking but not starting
  • Engine cranks slowly
  • Car making clicking noise when you try to start
  • Radio or other electronic accessories not turning on

Car batteries won’t always show up any warning sign before they are dying, so having them checked every three or four months is highly recommended. Also, car battery life spans across three to five years, so you should have the batter replaced if yours is in that range. When you get your car’s battery inspected and replaced at Valiance, you can rest assured that our qualified mechanics have chosen the genuine battery and replaced it as per manufacturer’s guidelines.

For any help with choosing the right battery for your vehicle or to schedule an appointment for a battery-check, give us a call on (03) 9696 1619.