Ensure Your Vehicle’s Safety with a Roadworthy Certificate From Valiance

If you own a vehicle, you undoubtedly appreciate its reliability and performance. However, to ensure the safety of both yourself and others on the road, it’s essential to obtain a roadworthy certificate (RWC) for your vehicle. A roadworthy certificate is a crucial document that verifies your vehicle’s compliance with safety and emission standards. Let’s delve into why this certificate is vital for your vehicle and how you can obtain one.

Why is a Roadworthy Certificate Important for Your Vehicle?

Safety: The primary purpose of a roadworthy certificate is to ensure that your vehicle is safe to drive. It guarantees that essential components such as brakes, lights, steering, and tires meet the required standards, reducing the risk of accidents caused by faulty equipment.

Legal Requirement

In many regions, including Australia, a roadworthy certificate is mandatory when selling, transferring ownership, or re-registering a vehicle. Failure to comply with this requirement can result in fines and legal complications.

Peace of Mind

Knowing that your vehicle has passed a roadworthy inspection provides peace of mind, knowing that you’re driving a vehicle that is safe and roadworthy.

Resale Value

If you plan to sell your vehicle in the future, having a valid roadworthy certificate can significantly enhance its resale value. Prospective buyers are more likely to trust a vehicle with a current certificate.

How to Obtain a Roadworthy Certificate for Your Vehicle?

Getting a roadworthy certificate for your vehicle is a straightforward process

Find an Authorised Inspector: Look for a VicRoads licensed tester in your area. They will have qualified inspectors who can assess your vehicle’s roadworthiness.

Schedule an Inspection: Contact the inspection station and schedule an appointment for the roadworthy inspection.

Prepare Your Vehicle: Ensure that your vehicle is clean and in good condition. Make sure all essential components, such as brakes, lights, and tires, are in working order.

Attend the Inspection: Bring your vehicle to the inspection station at the appointed time. The inspector will examine various components to ensure they meet safety standards.

Receive Your Certificate: If your vehicle passes the inspection, you will receive a roadworthy certificate. If not, you will receive a list of required repairs and modifications.

Once you have your roadworthy certificate, you can rest assured that your vehicle is safe and legally compliant. Whether you’re planning to sell your vehicle or simply want to ensure your safety on the road, this certificate is a valuable asset.

Don’t delay in obtaining a roadworthy certificate for your vehicle. Ensure your vehicle’s safety and compliance with legal requirements. If you have any questions or need to schedule an inspection, contact Valiance at (03) 9696 1619 today. In addition to RWC, we also provide log book service, car air conditioning repairs, brake repairs and radiator repairs for Volkswagen, BMW, Audi, Jaguar, Volvo and other brands.

Why Hire A Professional For Car Repairs And Services?

When your car is not performing like before or not giving enough mileage, you must take it to a professional mechanic in South Melbourne. Taking your vehicle to a local mechanic shop may help, however, it’s smart to get a professional under the hood to diagnose any underlying potential issues.  If you come to Valiance for car service, you can find professional mechanics from our team who will handle your car service needs and take up any car repairs to keep your car running at its best. On top of all, we are equipped with the latest diagnostic tools and repair equipment to treat your vehicle. In today’s blog, let’s tell you why you should hire professionals like us for car service and repairs.

Experienced Mechanics

Whenever something happens to your vehicle, an engine oil leak, or a flat tyre, never attempt to fix it yourself. Trust experienced mechanics to spot even minor flaws in your vehicle. Our highly skilled and knowledgeable mechanics at Valiance are adept at diagnosing car issues and providing you with effective car maintenance tips on car handling to keep your car in top condition. Though it’s a simple logbook service in Melbourne, they put their best to maintain your logbook and protect your car warranty.

Trained And Certified

When it comes to servicing premium European cars like BMW, Audi, Volkswagen, Skoda, Porsche, or Mercedes-Benz, it’s best to entrust your service needs to expert European car care specialists. They can handle your vehicle with attention to detail; as they are factory-trained, hold immense training, and are certified, you can rest assured about the service quality and the enhanced performance of your car.

Uses the Best Tools And Equipment

Professionals like us always rely on the best diagnostic tools that aid in completing tasks quickly.  That’s why we recommend hiring our expert mechanic in Melbourne to tackle any car repairs. They can complete the whole repair job on time at best price. You can get your vehicle serviced by professionals and save time and money.

Warranty On Repairs

When a vehicle needs repair, professional mechanics check all aspects of the repairs. It inspects all the components before and after the repair process to ensure they are working and safe for driving. That’s why hiring experienced mechanics makes sense.

If you are concerned that your car needs maintenance or repairs, hire reliable mechanics from Valiance. For appointments, call (03) 9696 1619 today.

Valiance Mechanics: Regular Car Services

Most days l load the kids in the car and head off on the school run. It’s only a 8 km round trip but in that time l’ll brake maybe 80 times, hit 20 speed bumps at warp speed,mount three gutters in attempting to park,and accelerate away as fast as l can when the green light drops.With all this going on its sometimes easy to forget that our cars are highly complex machines with 1000s of constantly moving and wearing parts.

Servicing your car regularly is an important way of ensuring that your car mechanics is not only operating at its best, but also ensuring that it is safe for both you and other people using the roads. Major problems, if picked up early by regular servicing, can be avoided and everyday safety issues such as faulty brake lights can be picked up ensuring happier and safer motoring for all.