Radiator Repairs St Kilda West

We at Valiance know that a car’s basic cooling system is made up of the radiator, radiator hoses, housings and connections, water pump, heater core, thermostat and a cooling fan. But there are times when the radiator experiences some problems and some signs of it are car overheating or a puddle of cooling fluid under the car. When you see such signs, you should get the radiator and cooling system of your car checked. We at Valiance provide best quality of radiator repair services.

Our radiator repair services include, radiator repair or radiator replacement, radiator leak detection, cooling system service and radiator flush, hose replacement, oil cooler installation. Our technicians have access to the best quality of products and equipments and hence you can find the right part at the right price. Our mechanics are well versed to work with different makes and models of cars and hence all the requirements of your car will be fulfilled.

So the next time you find yourself in St Kilda West and need any kind of automotive service remember we are just a call away.