Log Book Service St Kilda

Valiance believe that logbook service is a must have for all car owners. Though it is not a legal requirement, to keep your car running like new for longer it is essential to maintain the log book services which have been outlined by the manufacturer. Log book servicing in simple words is the comprehensive examination of your vehicle, that is done according to the manufacturer’s logbook schedule and specifications.

With us when you drop in for regular maintenance we ensure that everything is performed according to the services specific to every make and model of vehicles as per the manufacturer guidelines and we also uphold your warranty. Our log book services are both time and distanced based, dependant on the kilometres travelled or how many months since the last service. We particularly specify the areas of the vehicle that needs servicing. Our efficient logbook service will ensure the car maintenance and safety. And an added benefit of our logbook service is that it will help to achieve a higher resale value for your car.

So the next time you find yourself in St Kilda and need any kind of automotive assistance remember we are just a call away.