Log Book Service St Kilda West

We at Valiance realise the importance of a log book service for your car, we know that a log book service is a broad service guided by the vehicle manufacturer’s specifications. Completing these services helps to preserve your vehicle’s statutory warranty and keep your car in top shape. We provide you with precise and effective log book services.

We at Valiance understand that every car is different and the requirement of each car is unique and hence we provide log book services according to the manufacturer’s guidelines of different types of cars. Our regular log book services include changing oil and oil filter, brake inspection and adjustment, checking steering and suspension, checking and refilling under the bonnet fluids, computer battery test, checking tyre pressures, checking radiator hoses, checking fan belts, checking lights. Thus we provide your car with a detailed log book service.

So the next time you find yourself in St Kilda West and need any kind of automotive service remember we are just a call away.