Brake and Clutch Repair St Kilda

Valiance is a one stop solution for all the needs of your car, our skilled and efficient team can provide you a complete brake and clutch repair services. It is quite obvious that the break and clutch are the most important part of your cars. But many people tend to disregard the importance of brakes and clutches and do not get them checked regularly, this might turn into a fatal fault. Thus, we advise our customers to get the brakes and clutches of the car to get regularly checked and if required get the brakes and clutches of your car repaired.

We provide detailed brake and clutch repair services. Our regular brake services include, checking of the disc brake or drum shoe levels, inspection of brake fluid levels and check brake system workings, replacement of front and rear pads or shoes as required, complete safety inspection upon completion of the task. Our clutch repair services include refilling or replacement of the clutch fluid, minute and detailed inspection and adjustment of clutch cables, replacement of the clutch cylinders. Thus, with us you can be assured that your brakes and clutches are in great working conditions.

So the next time you find yourself in St Kilda and need any kind of automotive assistance remember we are just a call away.