Brake and Clutch Repair Prahran

Brakes and clutches play an important role in the car’s operation, the brakes and clutches should always be in top condition to maintain the smooth running of your car.

We at Valiance provide elaborate and effective brake and clutch repair services for your car. Our regular brake repair services include thorough examination of the brake pads and brake shoes, complete inspection of your brake hydraulics, inspection of your safety hand brake and cables, checking your brake lines, brake booster and brake fluid and lastly a report and evaluation of your vehicle’s breaking systems. We also provide clutch repair and replacement services, our routine clutch services include checking the bearings, cables and clutch plates and fix them if there is any problem. Our skilled technicians are capable of handling any problems regarding the brakes and clutches of your car.

So the next time you find yourself in Prahran and need any kind of automotive assistance remember we are just a call away.