Brake and Clutch Repair Middle Park

Valiance is a specialist in brake and clutch repairs, our technicians understand the importance of brakes and clutches in a car and hence we provide top notch brake and clutch repair services for all makes and models of cars. We can service your vehicle’s brakes and clutches for safer smoother and quieter driving.

Our regular brake service includes, replacement of brake pads, inspecting calipers and service slides, cleaning disc rotors, testing and refilling the brake fluid, checking wheel bearings and adjusting as necessary, road testing vehicles and checking brake operation. Our regular clutch services include clutch component replacement on front and rear wheel drive vehicles, clutch and plate and replacements, flywheel inspection, clutch bearing replacement, and lastly checking the car to test that the clutch repairs are effective.

So the next time you find yourself in Middle Park and need any kind of automotive service remember we are just a call away.